Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh, Yes!!

What is your initial gut reaction to this video?

And I could add some names.

So, what was my initial gut reaction to this video? Total sympathy to the actor's position.

h/t Gates of Vienna, which you MUST read, as the Baron provides some analysis of the meme, specifically, about who imposed this on the "working class" Brit, and particularly, how the film backfires on the elites who imposed it. But who are these elites?
"Make no mistake about it: this was an MSM production, and its target audience — politically correct middle- and upper middle-class British viewers — received it as intended, as a put-down of those benighted, atavistic, racist, nationalistic proles. The use of Enoch Powell as an iconic inspiration is proof of this fact — I remember quite clearly how Mr. Powell was reviled and ostracized for his “Rivers of Blood” speech. My cohort, the generation whose apparatchiks now control the levers of state, media, and social power, regard Enoch Powell as an emblem of racist fascism, a worthy heir to Sir Oswald Mosley.

But, as with so many MSM efforts, the real message gets through, despite the producers’ intentions. The writers, producers, actors, and target audience are deaf to the underlying significance behind what they portray, yet an ordinary Englishman experiences a thrill of recognition, and is heartened by it. The self-appointed guardians of multiculture may not realize it, but Enoch Powell is admired and respected by the EDL and other modern English nationalists. His presence in the TV program sends a totally different signal from what was intended."
"The truth of what the EDL is doing is all but impossible to convey via the MSM. The media will hide the vile behavior of Muslims, and will choose its sound bites from the EDL (or its UAF infiltrators, who provide the best material) in such a way that the “racist” and “fascist” meme will come through loud and clear to the intended audience.

If the EDL’s message is to be successfully spread, it must do so despite what the media oligarchs intend. It can sneak in through vehicles such as the “I am an Englishman” clip, or be conveyed via entirely different means, such as internet forums and social networking sites."
It's funny, or maybe not funny, but I get the same feeling every time I visit a CBC website where comments are allowed. The vast majority of commenters are uber-liberal elites who look down their noses at those who hold contrary views, yet the vilest comments, those that come the closest to visceral hatred and bigotry, are invariably from the uber-liberals and they never fail to reveal complete and utter ignorance of the positions of those whom they oppose. Same goes for the two clowns at Jay Currie's place.

But to continue, from G of V:
"When the actor tells the audience that “we were never asked”, who were “they” who never did the asking?

The social context of the clip — the accent, the Bermondsey background, the use of Enoch Powell — convey the clear message that this is a conflict between the classes. “They” were the upper and upper middle classes, and they foisted upon “us”, the lower classes, the immigration which has destroyed us.

But this is not true. The meme is false.

Much of the destruction of modern Britain was carried out by the post-war Labour Party, many of whose leaders were thoroughly working class. It was a bolshie operation, and immigration was an integral part of the plan, because it helped destroy the “bourgeois” culture which they so detested.

The Marxist strategy has always been to destroy those things that the English nation — or any nation — holds dear. Tradition, custom, culture, religion, history, a distinctive language and dialect — all of these had to be deconstructed in order that the New Socialist Man could be constructed and usher in the Utopia."
And now we know why Murray Dobbin and so many of the MSM groupies, CBC's especially, are so dead against the new Sun TV. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL THE OFFICIAL MEME ANY MORE!!!! Funny that this should happen so soon after the 10:10 video fiasco. Even when they try, it will flop.

Question: Will there be a civil war in Britain? When this all ends, will there be anything left of the leftist/Marxist/elitist meme spewing poseurs at work in any Western society? Will there be any Western society?

PS: If you are curious about Enoch Powell and the frenzy that his speech whipped up, go here.

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Blogger Indigo Red said...


There will be no Western society because our birth rate is below 1.9 children per family. Many Western nations are well below that. No nation can long survive without reproducing itself and we have stopped doing that and we are too late in recognizing the mathematics. There is no longer time enough to overcome the birth rate of the barbarian at the gates; that is, not without a great technological cataclysm leaving much of the planet a smoldering ashtray.

October 11, 2010 4:17 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

I'm thinking we might see massive deportations, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Trail of Tears or the expulsion of the Acadians.

Europe will have to get over its PC Multi-Culti utopia fixation first, though, and soon. We could also see some fast and furious baby making coming back into fashion in Europe, too. Heck, we might even see polygyny introduced if they start loosing all their young men in foreign wars that are sure to come, IF they find their backbone and become willing to engage in combat to defend their way of life.

I'm not sure North Americans will be too keen on saving their sorry asses, but then again, the alternative is a lot worse, IMHO.

October 11, 2010 4:36 pm  
Blogger Indigo Red said...

It's ironic that the result of the Sexual Revolution is a distinct lack of sex. Very recent sex surveys show more people than ever before prefer watching tv or eating ice cream to having sex. The availability of computer porn is so much less entangling than real relationships with its attendant possibility of rejection.

October 11, 2010 4:48 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Interesting. There must be something to that "forbidden fruit" thing.

October 11, 2010 5:31 pm  

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