Saturday, September 18, 2010

New "It's All About Oil" and "Greedy Capitalists" Wars About to Begin

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Finally, we get a clue about what Hagan thinks of Canadian oilsands.
"'We need to be buying more oil from Canada,' Hagen said in Saskatoon, noting that Canada is a safer supply for energy than the Middle East, where she says many countries are enemies of the U.S."
I think our resident moonbats might disagree with her implied notion that Canada is a friend of America, though. At least that's how they'd like it to be.

And buried at the bottom of this story:
"Suncor Energy plans to announce next week that it is the first company in Alberta to successfully reclaim an oilsands tailings pond. The 2.2-square-kilometre area has been filled in and landscaped with 630,000 newly-planted trees, bushes and shrubs."

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Oilsands a 'national treasure', says U.S. Senator after tour

"The Republican senator's assessment is increasingly coming to summarize not only the size of the development, but also the importance of the oilsands and energy file to the Canada-U. S. trade relationship."
"'There's tremendous potential up here to produce oil for Canada and the United States in large quantities that will make my country safer by not having to buy Mideast oil,' Graham said in an interview.

The senator called Alberta "a national treasure for Canada and the United States," pledging he's "full-speed ahead" on expanding the amount of oilsands crude flowing across the border each day.

He believes the attacks on the oilsands -- the second-largest proven oil reserves in the world -- are "misplaced," and the footprint from mining projects is exaggerated.

"It's a clear win-win. We've got shared values, but we've also got shared needs," Graham said."
I wonder what America's righty-tighty pundits will say about that evil bastion of socialism to their north, now?

Even more curious is the strange silence about Democrat Kay Hagan's impressions. Have there been no rapacious lefty presstitutes clamouring to hear what her impressions were? Or are she and her boss, Pelosi, both holding their cards close to their chests for fear of the consequences come November?
"Furthermore, U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Jacobson has been in Alberta this week, with his two predecessors, largely to discuss energy and environmental concerns that go with it."
The place has been virtually crawling with Americans.
"'We've kicked the energy can down the road for generations and there have been people talking about this for a long, long time," he added.'

"But I don't think it has reached this critical mass that it's reached in the last couple of years with respect to climate change and the environment."

Jacobson acknowledged the energy file is a controversial one that could fray Canada-U. S. relations if the countries don't carefully navigate the pitfalls -- especially with oilsands development. Indeed, the rise in prominence of the energy portfolio poses significant environmental, economic and geopolitical consequences, the ambassador said.

"You could look at energy, I suppose in some senses, as a really big trade irritant," he explained.

"I don't think it's going to go there, but it could."
"Alberta now exports more than 1.5 million barrels of crude a day to the United States -- including about one million from the oilsands -- while total Canadian natural gas exports to the U.S. are nearly nine billion cubic feet a day, according to government data."
"Last year alone, Canada traded $122 billion worth of energy exports to the U.S., he said.

"In economic terms, it's immense," Prentice said in an interview.

However, it's critical for the U.S. relationship that Canada be viewed as a clean-energy superpower, he said, and doing that means reducing the environmental footprint from energy development."
Of course, there's no pleasing CBC groupies in the comments following this article.

And we haven't heard the last of it yet, by a long shot. Another of Canada's favourite exports, "I'm more than just a filmmaker" James Cameron is about to descend on Fort Mac in preparation for a new "more than just a film" movie. Who needs state funded propaganda when Canada's very own ex-pat will do it for free and, along with all the other Hollywood elites, make millions doing it for ya'?

I'd love to hear from some yanks what they think Pelosi and Hagan are going to do with this. As far as I can see, the American press is ignoring this visit. Now, if Pelosi and Hagan come out against the Alberta oil sands, I figure those two will be the "go to" gals for opinion columns disguised as news.

But then, so are the bloggers ignoring it. Except for a few comments by folks at American Thinker, where they have it right.

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