Monday, July 12, 2010

Murder is Murder

Does it really matter?

But I am in favour of the death penalty for certain classes of murder: honour killings, child killers and serial killers especially.

The death penalty was eliminated in Canada before DNA evidence was extractable. Thanks to DNA evidence, in many cases there is now absolute certainty about the accused. Failing that, can we at least put these perps in jail for real life, like, until they, you know, actually die? But why not save some money and prison spaces for those who are not outright bat shit incurably crazy or bound by retrograde cultural beliefs and actually capable of reforming themselves.  My hunch is that honour killings would stop immediately if the men in the family knew their own death was certain to follow.  Perhaps it could be done by strangling. And the women who stand by and let their husbands and sons murder their female relatives could fill up some of those freed spaces - for life.

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