Monday, February 15, 2010

A Whole New Meaning

Remember back a couple of months ago, when Amy Goodman tried to enter Canada and got asked by Canada's border agents about whether her trip to Canada had anything to do with the Olympics? They gave her a hard time, it's alleged. Well, maybe this is why:

This video was produced by Vancouver Media Co-op, a little bunch of anarchists that couldn't organize a bowel movement, let alone a political movement capable of any accomplishments. This is the same group that smashed up windows and spray painted cars in downtown Vancouver in protest of the Olympic Games.

And lookie here. Who are they affiliated with but none other than Amy Goodman's most highly idiotic Democracy Now!

Interesting, no!?! Interesting, in a "blech" sort of way, I guess.

At the time, she vehemently denied her visit had anything to do with the Olympics. How strange that we now she her reporting on this gang of anarchists, among other weird and far out things, including much negative ado about the Olympics.

Sadly, they did let her in to the country, although the altercation at the border caused her to be several hours late for her speaking engagement at the Vancouver Public Library.

I now see why they might have been reluctant to let her in and why they might have inquired whether her visit had any thing to do with the Olympics. I'm sure the Vancouver police and the border agents have swapped files on numerous occasions.


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