Friday, November 27, 2009

HAH!!! Amy Goodman Questioned at Border

Far leftist loon, Amy Goodman, was apparently asked some questions as she tried to enter Canada on a speaking engagement.
“When I handed our passports over the border guard, they told us to pull over. We had to go over to the border facility. And they started asking me questions about what I was going to be speaking about. I was totally taken aback. They wanted to see my notes,” Ms. Goodman told the Globe Thursday.."
Good. I'm glad her nose is out of joint.
"They began to search her notes and computers and those of her two colleagues, Ms. Goodman alleged. They then photographed the journalist and gave her a stipulation to leave the country by Friday night. They were delayed over an hour."
"“There's supposed to be a separation between the state and the press. The fact that the state was going through my documents, that they were rifling through notes, that they were asking me what I was planning to speak about, is a very serious issue,” she said."
Sorry, sweetie. "The state" also has a right to refuse entry to anyone it chooses. You're not a citizen of our country, and God willing, you never will be. The fact that they let you in is our loss and your gain. Be grateful. If I had my way, you would never set foot in this country.


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