Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bloody Face Becomes the Story

Back to our CBC reporter, Janyce McGregor, here is what she had to say in the comments of her own story about the magical "now you see it, now you don't" blood on Jeh Custer's face:
"OK, stop the presses.
I've just been reviewing the video again at home. And curiously, one of the protesters escorted off the Hill in our footage somehow gets MORE blood on his face between the time he left the Hill and the time he was interviewed by Evan Solomon.
Watch the two clips and compare -- I believe it's the same person talking to the camera in the 3rd of the raw ENG video clips, and he most definitely does not have blood all over his face as security escorts him down the Hill.
When Solomon interviews him later in the afternoon he looks like he just lost a bar fight.
Over to the protesters to explain this one."
Much to what I'm sure is the disappointment of our young radical-chic protesters, the bloody nose has taken the lead and become the headline. I wonder why?

I'll tell you why. These, quote, "young people", demonstrated all the hallmarks of your typical garden variety youthful anarchist that surfaces with every generation. Full of themselves, eagerly lapping up any and all anti-establishment rhetoric, convinced of their righteousness and that it absolves them from responsibility for the consequences of their actions, they walk right into it every time. And of course, they can't resist throwing in a few extra fashionable causes from the anarchist bag of UN tricks designed to take digs at Western civilization, like the rights of indigenous peoples. You'll notice, in the interview with Evan Solomon, how Custer repeatedly tries to bring the interview back to what he wants to focus on, but seems totally oblivious to the fact that his own behavior, and that of his merry band of pranksters, has already derailed the project and there is no getting it back on track.

It is clear, though, that they genuinely believe in an impending Armageddon In other words, they have swallowed the United Nations' warmmongering propaganda - they want the government to "put us in line with what the scientific community is calling for", they say - and that at least some among them are truly frightened for the future. Note, for example, the emotional reaction from the Prince Edward Islander about the assumed fate of islands around the world.

All told, they reveal an astounding degree of naivete. As if standing in the parliamentary gallery and shouting while the elected representatives of the people are conducting the business of the nation will get your point across. As if offering stiff resistance to the security officers whose job is to remove them for disrupting the proceedings will convince the as yet to be convinced. It never has, folks and it never will.

In the meantime, their rush to solve all the problems in the world and create peace and harmony has been sabotaged by their own righteuos stupidity. I mean not even singing "Which side are you on?" did the trick and how much more "righteous" can you get than that! The blood on the face is both literal and figurative. Perhaps if they watch this they might be able to wipe some of the embarrassing blood stains from their reputations and relax a bit about Prince Edward Island. Here is Nobel Laureate, Lord Christopher Monckton, massacring their cherished beliefs:

But, alas common sense will prevail.


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