Monday, October 05, 2009

Case Closed

UPPERDATE: Barce Pundit has an item on the global warming hoax and a former believer who now fights for the truth.


As anyone not an anthropogenic climate change alarmist who has been following the blogs that deal with this hoax will know, the AGW-CO2 hysteria has been dealt its final death blow. By far the best summary of the whole fiasco that I have read is right here.

From the comments: "We used to say AGW was an organized religion. Clearly, it is organized crime."

Now, on to getting our elected representatives to act accordingly before they throw any more of our tax dollars down that ridiculous bottomless pit.

PS: Time to deep six that monstrosity we call the United Nations, too. After all, they openly and wholeheartedly endorsed the hoax and refused to listen to the wiser counsel of real climate scientists solely for political gain.

PPS: I'm also a proud Canadian. It was the persistant work done by Stephen MacIntyre that dealt the final blow. Both he and the other Stephen have stood up for truth and justice in the past few weeks. Where are you, Obama?


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October 05, 2009 3:14 pm  
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Link fixed.

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