Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Canadian politics are getting really, really riveting. Look at these articles from the old media:

Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum in polls

Is Canada's Natural Governing Party down for the count? If Mulcair and the NDP are causing such a stir, what does that say about the Liberals? Will Baby Trudeau survive? (I doubt it.) Will the Liberal Party survive? Maybe. Maybe not.

There's this bit from an avowed Liberal, Warren Kinsella:

Team Trudeau: the news is in…

He laments:

“Liberals falling further behind NDP-Conservative race”
“Former Liberal acclaimed as NDP candidate”
“Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum”
“Brian Gallant won’t campaign for federal Liberals during election”
“This is still Harper’s election to lose”
“EKOS poll: Tories are up”

And then there's this:

Liberal MP caught on tape voicing concerns that Trudeau’s inner circle has ‘no political sense whatsoever’

My. My.

And this:

Mulcair Is Putting Canada At Risk By Pandering to Separatists

I hate to say this, but perhaps we should cut Angry Tom some slack. After all he was sent to parliament by Quebecers and the NDP's strong showing in La Belle Provence was at the expense of the Bloc, an avowedly separatist party.

We live in interesting times. It seems our Natural Governing Party is in trouble. How ironic that this should be the case when spawn of P.E.T. is the leader of the Liberal Party. That alone speaks volumes. The Liberal Party of Canada seems to be stuck in the past and has just woken up to the fact that said spawn ain't no carbon copy of Trudeau the Elder.

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