Saturday, July 11, 2015

Critics Of Islam...

...who have received death threats:

Name - Death Threat?

1)Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Yes
2)Condell, Pat Yes
3)Darwish, Nonie Yes
4)Fatah, Tarek Yes
5)Gabriel, Brigitte Yes
6)Geller, Pamela Yes
7)Horowitz, David Yes
8)Jasser, Zhudi Yes
9)Manji, Irshad Yes
10)Murray, Douglas Yes
11)Raza, Raheel Yes
12)Rushdie, Salman Yes
13)Shoebat, Walid Yes
14)Spencer, Robert Yes
15)Sultan, Wafa Yes
16)Warraq, Ibn Yes
17)Wilders, Geert Yes

Some of these people are Muslim. Some are not. Some are Muslim apostates. But they all have received death threats for daring to criticize Islam, radical Islamists and Islamism.

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