Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Never Saw This Coming

Alberta passes bill banning corporate and union donations

"Corporate" I can understand. After all, they are Dippers. But Union donations???? Unions have to be their biggest funders, bar none. I think I just saw more pigs flying.
"Getting union and corporate donations out of politics is good for democracy, it’s good for Alberta. The NDP even accepted one of our amendments, which shows some progress,” said Jean. “But there is still a horrendous loophole in this legislation; unions can actually pay their employees to volunteer for a political party. We don’t think that’s right.”"
"Alberta’s NDP has traditionally gained about 10 per cent of its funding from unions, while the PCs have relied heavily on corporate donations."

My guess is, Notley and crew didn't want egg or their faces. Can't make it too obvious, you know.

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