Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's No Accident...

...that this bill is the last one to be passed prior to the fall election. It's a good one. Voters will have this one still in mind come the election this fall:

Tory senators take unusual steps to force vote on controversial union bill
"Bill C-377 is a private member’s bill from Conservative MP Russ Hiebert that would force unions to publicly disclose a wide range of financial information including salaries and expenses.

Supporters say it addresses concerns from union members who say they face intimidation if they ask for too much information from their leadership.

Unions strongly oppose the law and argue that only union members should be able to view such information. Critics of the bill warn it will place unions at an unfair disadvantage during collective bargaining because management will have new insight into the financial situation of unions.

The bill was previously blocked by the Senate two years ago and had not received much attention since."

Tories upend Speaker over labour bill
"Segal predicted that the bill will eventually be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. But in the meantime, he said it could do real political damage to the Conservatives in this fall's election."
All the more reason to open up the constitution and amend it.

Conservatives move to push anti-labour bill through Senate

"The legislation would require unions to publicly disclose details of all expenses over $5,000 and remuneration to anyone totalling over $100,000.

Unions have complained that the measure, backed strongly by a B.C. lobby group that advises companies on how to de-certify unions, is a veiled attempt to tie unions up in costly red tape.

“It’s a bill that’s essentially about attacking unions because Conservatives don’t like unions, they don’t like the equality we bring,” B.C. Federation of Labour President Irene Lanzinger told The Vancouver Sun Friday."


Conservative senators overrule Senate Speaker on union transparency bill
"The bill, which seven provinces, including Ontario, have argued is unconstitutional and would interfere with their jurisdiction over labour relations, is now likely to become the law of the land by Tuesday."

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