Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Thought...

...they were going to say Vodka, but I was wrong:

Workers Accidentally Dug Up These Solid-Gold Artifacts, But They Were STUNNED To Find out What They Actually Were

"Workers unearthed these ancient relics in Russia while digging holes to install power lines along with some other precious items including three gold cups, a finger ring, two neck rings, and a gold bracelet. However, they still had to figure out the mystery about what the artifacts were.

There was only one clue: a strange black substance inside of the items. After hiring a criminologist to determine what it was, they had their answer. These ornate, 2,400 year old artifacts are essentially old world “bongs” and the black residue was remnants of opium and cannabis (Emphasis mine).

Shocked? Don’t be. It’s believed that the Scythian tribes, a race of warriors who ruled much of Eurasia for over 1,000 years, were thought to smoke both substances in order to prepare their minds for battle."

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