Friday, May 22, 2015

Pow! Zap! Kaboom!

Funeral Home Posts the Greatest Sign About American Troops Ever

"There is a story that dates back to World War II about a French soldier captured by the Nazi’s. Just before morning roll call began, the Commandant of Colditz Castle, a castle turned POW camp announced that by order of Hitler, any POW who had a special trade before the war could be relocated to Germany to live out the war in peace and work as they did before the war.

Immediately, a French soldier volunteered his services in front of nearly 1000 POWs from a mixture of nations including the U.S., Britain, Australia, Poland, and many others. As you can imagine a lot of boos and probably a ton of language was directed at this poor French soldier who just wanted to make it through the war. Upon quieting the multitude of prisoners down, the shocked commandant asked the Frenchman why he is volunteering. The Frenchman responded that he was tired of fighting and truly wanted to do something he enjoyed before the war. He was trained and ready to work for the Germans. But there was one condition the Frenchman told the German officer and that was to keep him as busy as possible because they more work he gets, the less he will think about getting in trouble.

Elated, the Commandant asked the man, “Sir, your wish is my command. Now what was your job before the war?” Not missing a beat, the Frenchman responded, “Sir, I was an undertaker.”"

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