Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fraudulent Refugee Claims

Be Humane With Genuine Refugees, But Do Not Put Up With Fraud

Canada’s Refugee System Remains in Disarray


The “Bogus” Refugee: Roma Asylum Claimants and Discourses of Fraud in Canada’s Bill C-31

Challenging the Myths: the Truth about Canadian Refugee Law

How to stay in Canada by cooking up a story

Calgary woman convicted in elaborate immigration fraud

Speaking notes for Chris Alexander, Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister at the News Conference Regarding Canada's Asylum System

Refugee claimants still collecting welfare even after being deported

Canada’s refugee acceptance rate up despite asylum restrictions

Odds stacked against Roma refugees, researchers find

Global asylum claims rise 45%, but Canada lags in receiving refugees

I haven't heard much about this for quite a while. Hope it's fixed.

Looks like it has been improved, despite what the Red Star wants you to believe (See last link).

Former refugees face losing residency in Canada if they return to homeland

And lookie here:

CANADA rewrites the book on asylum for refugees from war-torn Syria

"Canada will now give first priority to Syrian refugees from ‘religious minorities’…NOT MUSLIMS!"

Canada recognizes Jewish refugees from Arab countries

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