Monday, March 02, 2015

More Evidence Of A...

...backbone emerging:

Australian Leader Abbott Slams Muslim Imams, Launches Crackdown on Radical Mosques, Muslims Furious

Sarah Palin Puts the Fear of God Into Radical Islamists, Crowd Goes Wild

Even MSNBC Blasts Obama for His Softness on Radical Islam

Austria passes controversial reforms to 1912 Islam law

Expand burka ban, says Muslim group

'Islamophobia’: Austria Passes Reforms Setting Restrictions on Islam, but Not on Other Faiths

Austria's Muslims fear changes to historic Islam law

AUSTRIA reforms its 1912 ‘Islam Law;’ Muslims outraged

Muslim group calls for burka ban

Muslim leaders outraged by Tony Abbott's chiding over extremism

Obama Tracking Muslims For Military And Pentagon Positions, To Replace Patriotic American Commanders

Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain

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