Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hubert LaCroix: CBC must adapt, CEO says in a Ryerson's RTA event
"The government has cut its funding to the CBC by $115 million over the past three years in the 2012 federal budget."
Still too much if you ask me.
"Radio and television ads on CBC and Radio-Canada stations were estimated to bring in $15 million to $20 million but failed to actually produce that much revenue."
Likely 'cause no one watches/listens to it.
"People think, ‘Oh geez! I’m giving 29 bucks to CBC/Radio-Canada for these programs!’ No. You’re giving 29 bucks to get the programs, plus [a] reinvestment of close to four bucks in the Canadian economy,” said LaCroix."
My one year old grandson can't afford "29 bucks". Can the thing now!!!



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