Sunday, March 22, 2015

Follow The Money


Gates Foundation's $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments

"The charity run by Bill and Melinda Gates, who say the threat of climate change is so serious that immediate action is needed, held at least $1.4bn (£1bn) of investments in the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, according to a Guardian analysis of the charity’s most recent tax filing in 2013.

The companies include BP, responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Anadarko Petroleum, which was recently forced to pay a $5bn environmental clean-up charge and Brazilian mining company Vale, voted the corporation with most “contempt for the environment and human rights” in the world clocking over 25,000 votes in the Public Eye annual awards.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Asset Trust is the world’s largest charitable foundation, with an endowment of over $43bn, and has already given out $33bn in grants to health programmes around the world, including one that helped rid India of polio in 2014."

Al Gore's tangled web of un-green corporate investments

Green energy costs 'far higher than ministers admit'

Merchants of Doubt a Huge Flop at the Box Office

"Never underestimate the intelligence of the American public. Who would go see a movie about global warming in the dead of winter (which is breaking cold and snow records in many areas of the U.S.)? I think, and this is only speculation, that people are tired of having fingers wagged at them like a parent reprimanding a child. From Obama to John Kerry to Gina McCarthy to Gore and so on, maybe, just maybe, people are simply tired of all the lies."

Royal Society Lets The Dogma Out: Global Warming Think Tank Brings Balance to Climate Science Debate

Will Warmists Please Stop Whining

The true cost of UK renewables policy

"The true cost of UK renewables policy is massively understated and household bills could be £214 per year lower if renewables were dropped in favour of gas, according to a report published today by the Centre for Policy Studies, a free-market thinktank.

The report has been covered by the Telegraph, with a focus on the cost of renewables, and by the Daily Mail, which says "Green targets 'cost £214 a year'".

The report's cost estimates are out of line with government figures and its proposed alternative to renewables of relying on gas would be incompatible with UK climate targets. Carbon Brief takes you through some of the details with the help of several energy policy experts."

Seriously, I'll stop gloating, if you stop whining.

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