Sunday, March 01, 2015


Italy Has Just Sent Naval Ships Into Libya And ISIS Flees At The News Completely Abandoning Their Major Stronghold On The Mediterranean Coastal City Of Derna

"Several sources from within the city of Derna Libya confirmed that ISIS in a surprise move decided to pack up and completely escape from their stronghold coastal city of Derna on the Mediterranean seacoast.


Italy declared that warships will be sent for exercises in the Libyan shores to intimidate ISIS after the latter announced in its branch in Sirte for the execution of five Libyans charged of dealing with the enemies of the Islamic State.
Italian military sources said that several Italian Navy ships were already deployed yesterday towards Libya claiming to conduct naval exercises on the territorial waters of the shores of Tripoli borders. But a spokesman from the Ministry of Defense stated that the maneuvers aimed at terrifying ISIS.

The call by ISIS to evacuate completely from Derna, which surprised most people ordered all fighters to get out quickly which started at midnight on Friday through Saturday in which ISIS fled to the nearby mountain at Ras Al-Hilal area."

Brings to mind Fabrizio Quattrocchi's "I'll show you how an Italian dies."

Apparently they mean business:

Italy said to be preparing an action in Libya, probably near Misurata

Iraqi forces gear up for fierce assault on Tikrit

Every day it seems we are closer and closer to WWIII.

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