Thursday, February 19, 2015

Open The Taps...

...and let the greenbacks flow:

Canada: To Cross-Border Trade -- And Beyond

"This week, I will send letters to the governors of all 50 U.S. states urging them to visit Canada to explore new opportunities for expanding what is already the world’s largest and most comprehensive bilateral trade and investment relationship. In 2013, we traded $735-billion in goods and services -- the highest total on record. That works out to more than $2-billion in bilateral trade per day! And the 2014 total will be even higher.

Given the size and scope of this vast relationship, the investments in time and effort we make today to grow the U.S.-Canada economic relationship will pay huge dividends in the future as we build on this unprecedented level of shared prosperity.

That’s why my focus as U.S. ambassador to Canada is to continue to expand and strengthen this tremendous relationship. Every day, our two governments, along with business and institutional partners, create new opportunities for growth and expand existing trade and investment flows."

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