Saturday, February 07, 2015

Awe. Poor Isis /sarc

Jordan vows to 'wipe Isis out completely' as it investigates claim US hostage killed in air strike

United Arab Emirates to Station F-16 Jets in Jordan to Help Fight ISIS

ISIS Claims Jordan Bombers Killed US Woman. Bulls**t.

Jordan army planes bomb IS targets for third day

Jordan Hits Islamic State With 3rd Day of Airstrikes

Jordan launches new airstrikes after vowing harsh war on ISIS

Prince Charles in Jordan at start of Middle East tour

Charles heads into the warzone: Prince of Wales arrives in Jordan at start of Middle East tour as country steps up strikes on ISIS

Prince of Wales in show of support for Jordan and Middle East Christians

Islamic State crisis: UAE sends F-16 squadron to Jordan

U.A.E. Orders Squadron of Fighter Aircraft to Jordan in Show of Support

UAE sends F-16s to Jordan to fight Islamic State

Obama administration denied Predator drone request for Jordan, rep urges reversal


Jordan's royal couple: 5 things to know

What's Happening in Jordan Today Shows How the Arab World's Strengths Are Also Its Weaknesses

UAE orders stationing of F-16 squadron in Jordan

UAE sends F16s to Jordan to fight Daesh

It's a rare day when tyrants of the Middle East and nations of the West and on the same side. When this blows over, I wonder if things will go back to where they were, or if this will be one of those rare occasions when the world gets permanently yanked 90 degrees in the other direction?

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Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Good question that. Wish I could be optimistic. Which I am not usually.

February 09, 2015 6:08 am  

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