Friday, January 16, 2015

The World Reacts: Islam On the Attack

Europe Cracks Down on Terrorism Suspects

Belgium terror raids: Killed suspects had police uniforms, Kalashnikovs and bomb-making kit

20 sleeper cells operating in Europe

15 arrested in anti-terror sweep across Europe

Boko Haram crisis: Chad sends troops to help Cameroon

Chad Sends Troops to Cameroon to Widen War Against Islamists

German police arrest two Salafist suspects in raid

Baird decides not to visit Muslim holy site on trip to Jerusalem

Iraqis want ISIS fight increased

Publishers and bookshops are defiant as they go digital.

The House of Saud recoils:

Saudi Arabia postpones activist's flogging: source, Amnesty

And John Kerry admits that the Obama administration sucks:

John Kerry apologises to France for missing Charlie Hebdo rally

Then they go out of their way to prove it: US Consulate Training, Arming Palestinians as Guards

Only 300 copies of latest Charlie Hebdo issue available in U.S.

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