Tuesday, December 23, 2014

About That Missing Backbone...

...there's more evidence that it has been found:

17,000 Europeans Unite To Push Islam OUT With Unprecedented Approach

"A massive grassroots effort in Germany, established to stop the European Muslim invasion, just reached a pinnacle of their efforts to date — more than 17,000 gathered in the Dresden City Center to sing Christmas carols as a show of solidarity against Islamitization in their country."
"These demonstrators exemplify the true meaning of what a “peaceful protest” is, and their efforts are commendable. This is a powerfully appropriate way of showing your opposition to an issue in your country. Not one item was looted or business burned down, but the message was clearly conveyed."
Of course, being Germany, leftards will be ecstatically shouting "raaaacism", or especially, "faaascism".

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