Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oooooh. We're Being Rather Tight Lipped, Aren't We?

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Satellite images show damage to Parchin buildings believed used for nuclear weapons
"Satellite images have confirmed that a leading Iranian nuclear facility was bombed.

Images taken by the French satellite Pleiades showed considerable damage at the Parchin military complex near Teheran. The satellite showed that an explosion confirmed by the Iranian regime took place in the facility closed to the International Atomic Energy Agency for nearly a decade."
So what is it? An explosion within or a bomb from above? Maybe the Joooos didn't do it. But maybe they did. All eyes have been diverted to ISIS in northern Iraq. Perfect time for Israel to launch a strike.
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Report: Two dead after explosion in Iranian nuclear facility

"Two workers were killed in an explosion that took place at a military explosives factory southeast of Tehran, near the suspected nuclear reactor in Parchin, IRNA, the official Iranian news agency, reported Monday.

The agency quoted Iran’s Defense Industries Organization, which said a fire occurred Sunday night, killing two people. The agency did not provide additional information."
"The Saham opposition website reported that a huge explosion occurred at the large facility in Parchin, located 30 km. southeast of Tehran.

According to the report, the powerful explosion blew out the windows of buildings located up to 15 km. away from the base, and eyewitnesses could observe the blast from a distance.

Parchin is a controversial military base where Israel and the International Atomic Energy Agency suspect the Islamic Republic is attempting to develop a nuclear explosive device. IAEA inspectors have not been permitted to enter the site since 2005."
"Channel 2 News reported that in the past it was claimed that Qazvin hosted an “unreported nuclear site” that contained stored uranium. In January of last year, Israeli intelligence officials confirmed that an explosion damaged Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility, which is being used to enrich uranium.

Three years ago, Iran said a massive explosion at a military base 45 km. west of Tehran killed 17 Revolutionary Guards members, including the head of the elite force’s missile program. It said the blast was caused by an accident while weapons were being moved.

On Oct. 5, Iran’s Defense Industries Organization said a fire erupted in a factory that produced explosives in Teheran and killed two employees. Later, the Iranian opposition said the explosion took place near Parchin, located 30 kilometers southeast of Teheran.

The satellite images, taken 24 hours after the blast, showed that Parchin was the target of the bombing. The images, analyzed by an Israeli specialist, Ronen Solomon, disclose the destruction of several buildings at Parchin, including that of a purported nuclear weapons testing site.

“The explosion wiped several testing units off the face of the earth while inflicting collateral damage on adjacent buildings, with traces of fire clearly visible in a section located in a sparsely afforested area,” Solomon said in the Israel Defense magazine on Oct. 8.

IAEA has raised the prospect that Parchin was used to test fuzes for nuclear warheads. Iran has denied the suspicions but refused access to the United Nations agency.

“Before and after images indicate that a complete section of structures was simply eliminated by an unexplained explosion,” Solomon said."
(Emphasis mine, throughout) The Joooos did it.

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Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Just today I told somebody the details:

The Parchin job: yeah, they were told again and again about some dangers, they just don't read stuff like this:

October 07, 2014 5:23 am  
Blogger Louise said...

Re. outhouses, we had a two seater when I was a kid growing up on the farm.

October 07, 2014 4:06 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

And the methane gas explosion one reminds me of the sewer monster. Again, when we were kids growing up on the farm, we had a septic tank in the ground behind the house and the stuff in it was pumped out at a good distance away. When the pump was on, it would make a scary gurgling sound. One evening it came on when my younger siblings were outside and they came running into the house, pale as ghosts. frightened out of their wits at the sound they had heard. They didn't know what it was, and to this day, half a century later, we still tease them about the sewer monster.

October 07, 2014 4:13 pm  

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