Friday, September 05, 2014

You Go Girls!!

Female fighters of the PKK may be the Islamic State's worst nightmare
"It’s an Islamic State fighter’s worst fear: to be killed by a woman.

In northern Iraq, where Kurdish forces are rapidly regaining territory held by the Islamic State, that’s becoming real risk for the extremists.

There are plenty of female Kurdish soldiers on the front lines. They’re smaller than their male comrades, but they talk just as tough as they prowl the battlefield clutching automatic rifles and vowing vengeance for those victimized by the Islamic State.

“We are equal with the men,” said Zekia Karhan, 26, a female guerrilla from Turkey who is with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as the PKK. “Every responsibility for a man is the same for a woman. We are treated equally, and that is why we are fighting.”"
Kill as many as you can!!

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Blogger Canuck Guy said...

Well if the enemies of ISIS want them to poop their pants in fear and cripple them as a force, throw out any rules and state that all ISIS members will be killed, no prisoners and their bodies will be dismembered and left for the carrion eaters like dogs and buzzards. Fight terror with terror. We got to stop being PC pussies.(not meant to be a slight against women (:<))

September 05, 2014 11:49 am  

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