Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Never Thought Of That

The Franklin discovery’s not about what, but where
"...discovering one of the ships would enhance Canada’s claim to the Arctic, at least symbolically. Several countries, including the United States, challenge this country’s claim to ownership of the Northwest Passage. They argue that it is an international strait.

While the two Franklin ships have already been designated as national historic sites no matter their location, the actual discovery of a ship would increase Canada’s chances of having UNESCO declare its location a World Heritage Site."

And Queen Liz is happy about this.
"Queen Elizabeth sent a message for Canadians to the Governor General on Tuesday following the discovery.

"I was greatly interested to learn of the discovery of one of the long-lost ships of Captain Sir John Franklin. Prince Philip joins me in sending congratulations and good wishes to all those who played a part in this historic achievement," she said in a statement."

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