Tuesday, September 02, 2014

About Time!

The overarching power of unions appears to be under a full on attack:
Pro-business group launches ads targeting alleged union influence over Ontario government

Fight Back Against Union Bosses

New non-partisan anti-union group emerges as Tories push labour issues to the forefront
"A new anti-union group has sprung up just as the Progressive Conservatives threaten to make labour issues a key ballot question in the next election.

With Ontarians expected to go to the polls as early as May, Working Canadians wants to raise awareness about the influence of “union bosses” on the province.

Like Working Families, a coalition of unions that has successfully run ads attacking the Conservatives in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 provincial elections, Working Canadians considers itself non-partisan.

“Part of the purpose is to counter the Working Families and that type of organization,” spokesperson Catherine Swift, chair of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said Monday.

Swift stressed the CFIB is not officially part of the new organization, which is run by volunteers and funded by small businesses and Merit Canada, which lobbies for “open shop,” or non-union, construction companies.

“It’s not partisan, it’s just making sense,” she said, noting a decade of hefty contracts to unionized public servants, such as teachers, nurses, and police officers, has helped create a “structural deficit” in Ontario."
And they're fighting back:
New ads to ‘fight back’ against union influence
"There are plenty of bones to pick with the charges levelled by Working Canadians, as Ms. Swift’s group has branded itself. Taxes have not gone up in any significant way since the last election; the deficit has gone down, albeit more slowly than many would wish; organized labour’s culpability for unemployment rates is highly debatable.

But then, those on Ontario’s right would argue that turnabout is fair play. For years, they have complained that Working Families – the coalition of unions to which Working Canadians is an obvious response – has done the governing Liberals’ bidding by spending buckets of cash demonizing the Tories. Ms. Swift’s effort is a manifestation of those frustrations; it is also, in its scale, evidence of the uphill battle to provide a counterbalance."
Yup. They've done that in Saskatchewan, too.

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