Monday, August 25, 2014

The Enemy Of My Enemy

Saudi foreign minister: we must denounce our hatred toward Israel and begin normalize ties with Jewish nation
"Speaking on the sidelines of the world assembly of Islamic scholars in Jeddh, Saud bin Faisal Al Saud said that the Middle-East needs peace and co-existence more than ever and Saudi Arabia as a leading Islamic country is ready to make sacrifices in peace negations and encourages President Abbas to follow the same policy.

Referring to the ongoing war in Gaza strip, the Saudi foreign Minster stressed that Hamas authority is the sole responsible for Palestinian calamity and they must brought before the law. [Emphasis mine]

The Saudi official further added that Arab World Increasingly Frustrated With Hamas which is seeking more wars."
"Media in Saudi Arabia and Egypt blame Hamas’ actions for Israeli war and prioritizing conflict over the safety of the Gazan population and criticized the leadership for waging war far from the conflict, a Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) report shows."
"“[Meshaal], we are tired of defending the [Palestinian] cause that you have sold for cheap to an MB (Muslim Brotherhood) gang whose way you followed even though they have lost their [own] way,” wrote columnist Abdul-Hamdi Razaq. He also called Meshaal out for living in luxurious Qatari hotels instead of fighting in Gaza.

Hamas is losing its legitimacy because it was sacrificing Palestinians while using financial aid to promote its interests, wrote Al-Watan columnist Abdullah Al-Sayyid."
I've been nursing this theory for some time that the House of Saud is afraid of a Muslim Brotherhood inspired coup. There is obviously no love lost for the MB with the Egyptian regime, either. They are all afraid of Iran and Israel is stronger than all of them combined. We live in interesting times.

(Note: Poor English and grammar exists throughout the text of the article. It looks like it may have been machine translated, or translated by someone whose command of English is very weak.)

Related: Iran to sue Israel over drone issue: spokesperson
"Iran will give a crushing response to any enemy aggression against its soil, Iranian military officials also said on Monday.

"Iran will respond to any aggression, from any aggressor, under any circumstances" and "this is a serious message from Iran," Iran 's Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan was quoted as saying by Press TV on Monday.

Meanwhile, Commanders of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) also threatened retaliatory steps in the wake of the downing of the drone.

"We will accelerate arming (Palestinians) in the West Bank and we preserve the rights for any response" to Israel in retaliation for its drone penetrating Iran's space, Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, aerospace commander of IRGC, was quoted as saying by semi-official Fars news agency.

Iran's military forces are fully ready to detect and intercept the flying objects of the enemy over the country's air space, Hajizadeh said Monday, adding that "in case these actions are repeated, the aggressors should wait for our crushing response."

The IRGC said Sunday that it had downed an "Israeli spy drone" near Natanz uranium enrichment site in the central province of Isfahan.

After the drone of Israel, which was a stealth and radar- evading kind, was intercepted by IRGC's air defense system, it was targeted by a missile and downed before penetrating the airspace over the Natanz nuclear site, a statement by IRGC said without elaborating on when the drone was shot down.

It said the main parts of the drone were undamaged, according to Press TV.

Iran's state TV on Monday broadcast footage of an allegedly Israeli drone, showing small scraps of the destroyed drone in a dessert-like area.

"The downed spy drone is Hermes and made in Israel," Hajizadeh said, adding that the operational range of Hermes drones is 800 km and the aircraft can fly 1,600 km by refueling once.

The Israeli drone is equipped with two cameras, enabling the espionage aircraft to capture high-quality images, Press TV quoted him as saying.

The country's military experts will analyze the remaining parts of the downed drone to extract any data stored on its system, Dehqan was also quoted as saying.

The Iranian defense minister said Israel and the United States seek to create the impression that they could penetrate the airspace of any country to conduct spying operations.

On Saturday, Iran launched a uranium-conversion plant which would produce enriched uranium dioxide in Isfahan province within the framework of the agreement with the P5+1 group, namely Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States plus Germany.

Under an interim deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 that came into effect on Jan. 20, Iran would suspend some sensitive nuclear activities in exchange for limited sanction relief, and the two sides would negotiate over a comprehensive deal within six months.

After six months of negotiations, Iran and the six world powers agreed on July 19 to extend their talks until Nov. 24, as disagreements remained over Tehran's uranium enrichment capacity, its Arak heavy water reactor and the sanctions.

The two sides are expected to hold meetings in New York in Sept. ."
All bluster and bravado. The downed drone is probably their own.

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