Saturday, August 23, 2014

Global Warming Called Off?

For a while, anyway:

Global warming slowdown 'could last another decade'

Has the Atlantic Ocean Stalled Global Warming?

Ummm. That's a wee bit of an old theory, known as the North Atlantic Oscillation. Read about it here.

But, damn it, they just can't let it go, even though they seem desperate to make the most absurd claims:

Will global warming trigger a new ice age?

World's Largest Ice Sheets Melting At Fastest Rate Ever Recorded

Oh really? And you were around the last time earth lost it's polar icecaps? But I guess you're right. That wasn't recorded. Why it was only a year ago they were up 50% in size:

Satellite data shows Arctic sea ice coverage up 50 percent!

Should be enough to tell you that climate, like so much in nature, is highly chaotic. You know, I am getting sick and tired of covering this, but it is becoming very, very comical, and we all could used a good laugh from time to time.

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