Thursday, August 07, 2014

Does Not Compute

Tornadoes's increased frequency, strength linked with climate change
"The climate change may be playing as a key role in the strength and frequency of tornadoes, according to a research by a Florida State University geography professor. Tornadoes are forming at a greater density and strength than ever before, but they are forming for fewer days per year."
"According to the NOAA/National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center, the 2011 tornado season had nearly 1,700 storms and killed more than 550 people. While in 2014,there have been 189 storms with a death toll of 43.

Many researchers dismissed the impact of climate change on tornadoes because there was no distinct pattern in the number of tornado days per year, as said in the past by James Elser. In 1971, there were 187 tornado days, but in 2013 there were only 79 days with tornadoes."

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