Saturday, August 02, 2014

Corruption In Indian Country

Band members call for chief’s removal
"Members of the Kwikwetlem First Nation are demanding their chief resign and an immediate audit be conducted over revelations his total salary amounted to almost $1-million last year.

Figures released under a new federal law showed Chief Ron Giesbrecht was paid an $800,000 bonus, and band member Ron Jackman said late on Friday that at least half of the small First Nation of 80 people stand behind a call to remove Mr. Giesbrecht from office.

Mr. Jackman said the group wants Mr. Giesbrecht gone by next Friday or it will hold an emergency meeting of the band to remove him.

“There’s been outrage because people are struggling and he’s kept $800,000 for himself,” said Mr. Jackman, adding that he stepped forward to speak for those opposed to the chief.

He said band members knew the money came into the community as a result of a business deal, but did not know that much had gone to Mr. Giesbrecht.

Mr. Jackman, a 39-year-old band member and student at the B.C. Institute of Technology, said that in June, members of the community were mailed $10,000 cheques as part of that deal."

What goes around comes around. Mind you, this could be just another faction on the reserve salivating at the prospect that they may now be able to mosey on up to the trough.

And when am I going to get my $10,000 cheque? It's high time the gravy train stopped by my house. First thing I'll do is pay off my mortgage. I didn't get a free house.

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