Wednesday, May 21, 2014

From The Settled Science Of Global Warming...

...We learn that ice cover on the Great Lakes has never been greater:

Lingering Great Lakes Ice Slows Spring's Arrival

...while glaciers are melting as never before:

Glaciers in Canada rapidly melting

Meanwhile, nobody seems to be paying attention any more:

Public interest in climate change unshaken by scandal, but unstirred by science

Little wonder:

Climate change research shows pockets of warming around world

What!! You mean it's not global?

It's virtually all political.

Jerry Brown says 'virtually no Republican' in Washington accepts climate change science

(Aside: I wonder if we should tell him that old-growth forests do burn more readily than younger forests, and without fire there would be no new growth. Nah. Never get in the way of a ideologue and his cherished beliefs. It just ruins everything for them.)

UN climate change expert reveals bias in global warming report

But that's Fox News. Fox News lies, doncha know.

Green Fatigue: Public Isn't Affected By Climate Change Scandals - Or New Science

Public Interest on Climate Change is Diminishing

'Climategate' had only fleeting effect on global warming scepticism

And the sane voices are finally emerging, after the public interest wanes, or maybe it's because of it. The IPCC has given up, after having been outed.

Zane: Constant study, not crystal balls, the right call on climate
"Cooler heads are emerging in the overheated discussion of climate change. The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission announced last week that it will no longer ask members of a state science panel to trade their lab coats for crystal balls. Instead of trying to do the impossible – accurately predict sea levels into the next century – the panel will prepare a 30-year forecast, to be updated every five years."
"The commission’s let’s-not-get-too-far-ahead-of-ourselves approach is a welcome rainbow of reason in a scientific discussion that has been clouded by politics. Not surprisingly, the loudest voices tend to be the most extreme.

One voice belongs to climate change activists including President Obama, who falsely claim that “the debate’s over” while smugly dismissing all skeptics as members of “ the flat-Earth society.”"
"The earth has indeed warmed by about 1.8 degree Fahrenheit since the 1970s, as CO2 levels have risen. However, the warming has plateaued during the last 16 years, even though we have pumped billions of tons of CO2into the atmosphere. A study in the prestigious journal Nature Climate Change found that the rate of actual warming 1998-2012 is “four times smaller” than that predicted by most models.

The New York Times reports scientists are puzzled by the slowdown in warming: “Practitioners of climate science would like to understand exactly what is going on. They admit that they do not.”"

Tom Harris: Get real about climate change
"We hear it over and over, “Climate change is real. Only industry-funded ‘deniers’ disagree.”

This is ridiculous.

No scientist denies that climate changes. Geology professor Tim Patterson of Carleton University explains, “Climate is and always has been variable. The only constant about climate is change; it changes continually.” Scientists like Patterson deny that they deny climate change — they are climate denial deniers."

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