Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh. Oh!!

...A further blow to "the creator put us here" hypothesis.

If you're a subscriber to that thesis, it's getting harder and harder to be taken seriously:

Peopling of North America and 10,000 years on Beringia ridge
"Reports suggest that the people who arrived in this part of the world earliest spent at least 10000 years in areas close to Beringia. There are well dissected reports that suggest that this area was the place that actually connected Asia and Alaska. Other reports suggest that the latest findings support similar conclusions genetic studies a bit early.

The new findings are going to change the perception of how the early peopling in the area took place. The study was actually conducted by Mark Sicoli and Gary Holton of Georgetown University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Reports suggest that the two spend long years in collecting data on sound systems and word structure from published grammars of a group of languages spoken by Native Americans, called Na-Dene, and the Yeniseian languages of Central Siberia. Now they are pretty sure about the finding."

Native Americans and Russians share the same language: Dialects reveal how ancestors migrated 13,000 years ago
"It's been known for years that some Native Americans and Russians share ancestors, and new research claims to have confirmed this link by discovering they also share language traits."

Pause Is Seen in a Continent’s Peopling
"Using a new method for exploring ancient relationships among languages, linguists have found evidence further illuminating the peopling of North America about 14,000 years ago. Their findings follow a recent proposal that the ancestors of Native Americans were marooned for some 15,000 years on a now sunken plain before they reached North America.

This idea, known as the Beringian standstill hypothesis, has been developed by geneticists and archaeologists over the last seven years. It holds that the ancestors of Native Americans did not trek directly across the land bridge that joined Siberia to Alaska until the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago. Rather, geneticists say, these ancestors must have lived in isolation for some 15,000 years to accumulate the amount of DNA mutations now seen specifically in Native Americans."
That DNA is such a pesky thing.

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