Friday, November 01, 2013

Must Get This...

From the description:
"In Noble Savages, Chagnon describes his seminal fieldwork—during which he lived among the Yanomamö, was threatened by tyrannical headmen, and experienced an uncomfortably close encounter with a jaguar—taking readers inside Yanomamö villages to glimpse the kind of life our distant ancestors may have lived thousands of years ago. And he forcefully indicts his discipline of cultural anthropology, accusing it of having traded its scientific mission for political activism." (Emphasis mine.)

But then I'll have to find time to read it. (I think I might have told you, in one of my undergrad degrees I opted for a double major in Anthropology and History. Neither are particularly useful on their own, but at least History attempts to get at the truth and sheds light on real events. Anthropology? Not so much.)

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