Sunday, August 25, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A Proud Nation Ponders How to Halt Its Slow Decline
"...Europe is talking about “the French question”: can the Socialist government of President François Hollande pull France out of its slow decline and prevent it from slipping permanently into Europe’s second tier?"
France’s Glorious Malaise
"It seems this is a time of French malaise, moroseness and melancholy. I have been reading a lot about the existential anguish of France, a directionless nation under a featureless president. There are even fears for the Fifth Republic."
Socialism at work. How many times have we heard that France's wealthy are grabbing their money and heading for friendlier climbs - like across the channel.

The Decline of Corporate Montreal
"Over the years, Quebec has earned a reputation as being hostile to business due to persistent anti-business policies. As a consequence, Montreal has declined as a hub for major corporate headquarters. With a lower concentration of large corporate headquarters, the city loses out on many economic benefits.

Cities that host a high concentration of large corporate headquarters have several advantages. The local economy gains from the increased number of high-paying jobs as well as the spin-off benefits of attracting professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and consultants and other services that benefit all businesses."
The only difference is the rest of Canada keeps bailing them out. France doesn't have a big brother.

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