Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Gem...

...from the Canadian Journalist everyone loves to hate, Barbara Amiel:

Dog days of summer and police violence

Money shot:
"And while I’m at it, am I the only person who cringes at phrases now so popular on news shows, such as the need to “have a national conversation”? It was bad enough when we all “dialogued” or had a “constructive exchange.” Why can’t we just “debate” or “argue”? Sanitation of language never works. You banish the word “nigger” and replace it with “negro,” then “black,” then “Afro” and virtually imprison people for using the N-word and suddenly people are calling themselves “nigger” again. I know the difference is that an Afro person is allowed to call themselves what they like but frankly, if I were to call myself Yid, I would find it difficult to condemn non-Jews who did the same."

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