Thursday, June 06, 2013

Waddid I Tell Ya?

Erdogan faces growing criticism

There's more to this than just a few stupid trees:
"Calls for the resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan are growing louder as the violent clashes between police and demonstrators escalate."
"The protests have continued over the past few days. Erdogan has called the protestors "looters" who are being led by extremist groups.

Journalist Aktar disagrees. "It is a young, impartial and urban movement without a political agenda and without a leader," he said. Although the traditional left-wing groups are participating, they are not the driving force, he added, referring to the numerous socialist, communist and Kurdish flags that protestors have been waving for days. "No political movement or party would be capable of manipulating people at Taksim Square or in Gezi Park," he said."
"Özcan also views the citizen gatherings as a "highly diversified demonstration." All types of groups are participating in the protests, even radical ones, he notes. "But the backbone is formed by young people who have taken to the streets to protect their rights," he said. "Teenagers, school children and university students form the core of these demonstrations." [Emphasis mine]
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I have hope for the Middle East. The dictators who are being/have been toppled were old generation types, no doubt weened on Arab Nationalism and anti-colonialism. The new crop are after something else, something that is, or at least used to be, found in Western Civilization, and a few other places, commonly known as the Rights of Man. Maybe the Turks will lead the way.

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