Saturday, June 15, 2013

Awe, Brad Hurt Their...


Liberals express anger towards Saskatchewan premier’s comments
"The federal Liberals are expressing anger at Saskatchewan’s premier over comments he’s made against their leader.

Brad Wall has called on Justin Trudeau to return the 20-thousand dollars he was paid for speaking at a literacy conference in Saskatoon.

Wall says it’s inappropriate for an elected official to accept a speaking fee for such an event.

He says last year’s conference was left with a mere seven-thousand dollar surplus for its next event.

The issue came to light after Wall was asked about speaking fees in an interview with Global T-V and he questioned whether the money was used to help finance Trudeau’s leadership campaign.

Liberal M-P Dominic LeBlanc called that suggestion a smear and is demanding Wall apologize.

But the premier says he has no intention of apologizing.

Wall’s comments came amid media reports that Trudeau has refused a request to give back a speaking fee to a New Brunswick charity that was trying to raise funds for a seniors home.

The charity says the fundraising event turned out to be a money loser."

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