Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Are our household appliances getting too complicated?
"Who needs a kettle with four heat settings? A washing machine with a 'freshen up' function? A toaster with six browning modes? What happened to the good old days of the on/off switch?

The modern washing machine has a dozen or more cycles that no one has ever used. The "baby cycle", for example, aimed, presumably, at parents too lazy to wash their babies in the bath. Or, quoting now from a variety of machines, the "duvet", "sports", "bed and bath", "reduced creases", "allergy" and "freshen up" cycles. As in "I'm just going to hop in the washing machine and freshen up.""
Yup. And the more useless components there are, the more likely one will go "pstttt" on you and the whole damn thing won't work any more...and it costs more to fix it than it does to buy the "next generation", "new and improved" model.

Grrrrrrrr. /old fart speak

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