Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm Okay With This...

What Shawn Atleo wants from Stephen Harper: real change, real commitment long as the results are put to a vote in a national referendum. And where else but Canada would this happen? You have to wonder whether Atleo's tough talk is aimed at the prairie chiefs as much as at Harper and Canadians in general.

I can't imagine the FSIN or the AMC agreeing with a BC chief on anything, and to get them all together around a table to negotiate a new vision --- Hah!! Snowball - Hell and all that.

And this:
"When I look in the eyes of the kids in the villages, I want them to be able to take a decision [to do whatever job calls to them] and know that they don’t need to feel compelled to enter politics because of deep injustices and the inability to have the freedom to say, “I want to be a chef and go to school and open a restaurant and be an entrepreneur because that’s what I really want to do.”" ridiculous.  There's nothing stopping "the kids in the villages' from doing that right now.  I my lifetime I've eaten in many restaurants owned and operated by First Nations people. Me thinks this forked-tongue speak has to stop - NOW.

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