Sunday, December 02, 2012

Luv It!

I was searching for information about the time, long, long ago when present day Vancouver Island was actually connected to the mainland and I came across this website: The Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia. On their website they have a series of images that rotate, one after the other. On one of them it says: Life's a Beach. And Then You Dive


I was actually looking for info about the rising sea levels through geological time. I knew that the stretch of water between Vancouver Island and the lower mainland was once land and ancient human settlement sites dating from that era have been found underwater there. Global warming zealots want us to believe that rising sea levels are a recent phenomenon.

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

What "rising sea levels"? There are no rising sea levels, period. The Arctic ice cap is and has been fluctuating well within normal cyclical seasonal fluctuations. The Antarctic ice cap is actually growing, removing more water from the ocean-sky circular cycle.

BTW, if the entire Arctic ice cap melted, how much would it raise the world's oceans? Precisely ZERO inches!

Do we all remember the Archimedes "Eureka!" story from history? The epiphanous moment when ancient Greek scientist Archimedes, soakign in his bathtub in Syracuse, intuitively discovered the interrelated natural laws of gravity, displacement and bouyancy. The oceans have already been displaced upwards by the weight and mass of the Arctic ice cap as ice. Changing it's state to water has zero effect on its weight and mass, therefore has zero effect on it's displacement of water levels. That's basic science known to scientists for millenia now and the fact that scientists whore'd out to "Global Warming" choose to ignore it speaks more of their amorality and corruption of science than it does on non-existent "ocean level rising".

BTW, there's a wealth of real science and clearly understandable knowledge at the debunking "Global Warming" blog "What's Up With That?"

December 02, 2012 11:41 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Heavy sigh. I'm talking a time span of several millennium here.

All of that H2O locked up in the great ice sheets that covered Canada (and maybe your head, too) melted and ended up in the oceans. What's left of it is the polar ice caps and a few glaciers in various mountain ranges around the globe.

No doubt you'll also remember from grade school science that in its liquid form, H2O expands to occupy more space than it does when it is solid.

The consequence? Sea levels are higher today than they were during the age of the great ice sheets that were two miles thick in places.

"Watts Up With That?" is in my blogroll. I quit reading stuff about global warming quite a while ago, because it was becoming boring. But sea levels do rise and fall with each glacial and interglacial era.

December 03, 2012 9:31 am  

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