Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Roundup

The Robocalls saga limps on
"Hamilton [Ed. Conservative Party Lawyer] said it speaks volumes that no Canadian voters have come forward to swear out an affidavit claiming their trips to the ballot box were thwarted by robocalls.

He notes casting a ballot is a very public activity and seems unlikely that someone who was unable to vote would have kept silent.

"Nobody should have difficulty coming and very publicly saying 'I wanted to vote and I was stopped from voting,'" Hamilton said.

"Because that's the type of evidence that's being sought if somebody wants to overturn any of these six election results, it should be not at all difficult to find those people.""
""There is a fundamental disrespect right now for the intuitiveness of the Canadian voter," Hamilton said.

"The Canadian electorate is very intuitive and they are very careful. They take their franchise seriously and that is why, happily, some of these ham-fisted attempts at suppression don't work."
"Eight Canadians — bankrolled by the left-leaning Council of Canadians — have launched a legal bid to overturn the results of the last federal election in six ridings. They allege a far-reaching campaign of voter-suppression tactics may have kept some people from voting, which may have had some bearing on the outcomes.

None of the eight applicants were actually prevented from voting." [Ed. Emphasis, mine]

Not looking too good, is it Maude?

Kenney to name 'safe countries' in refugee system overhaul

I really hope this man becomes Prime Minister some day. He's doing everything I think should be done. And as usual, his lefty critics have their heads in the sand. RTWT

Pravda issues a retraction:

Russia backtracks on stance over embattled Syria

Putin must have been talking with Ahmadinejad.

Who said the Cold War was over? Did I say that??? I must issue a retraction.

More on Russia's rush backwards:

Russia opens second criminal case against opposition leader

Back to the future. Plus ca change....

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

Is that the best these leftards have? This tiresome tempest-in-a-teapot robocall faux "scandal"?! They still don't like the fact that the Conservatives finally won their majority and that the remnants of the Liberal Party are swirling down the bowl.

December 14, 2012 11:43 am  

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