Monday, November 05, 2012

Today's Laugh

...Brought to you by a commenter on the National Post:

Readers show little interest in Sandy — but lots in Trudeau
"“With the many days of electrical outages up and down the U.S. coast, next July could bring an unprecedented spike in the birthrate,” wrote Marvin Sharpe. “And I suspect that at least 20% of these ‘storm babies,’ whether male or female, will be named Sandy.”"
Next July. Something to look forward to, regardless.

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

That also happened 9 months after the Great Northeast Power Outage of 1965. (I was a lad in NJ then and remember the outage, which lasted overnight for us.) That started in NY, rippled into all New England, New Jersey and eastern Pa. Most areas didn't get their power back for at least 24 hrs, some 48 hrs. Then, about 9 months later, the region's delivery rooms were packed for about a week. :-)

November 05, 2012 7:59 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

My brother was born exactly nine months after New Years Day. I guess we know how Mom and Dad celebrated the arrival of the new year.

November 05, 2012 9:51 pm  

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