Sunday, November 25, 2012

Listening to...

...Jock Talk in the prelude to the big game later today. AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH!

It always amazes me how these guys find so many ways to say the same thing, over and over. It all comes down to AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH! AAARRRRGH!



It's a guy thing.

BAH! HUMBUG!!!!!!!

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

You do have an option, change the channel and turn off the blitherers. Oh, and then email the network and tell them you've done that and why. If enough people did this, the advertisers would listen and force the network to listen.

November 26, 2012 12:00 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Nah. All sportscasters are the same. Doesn't matter what channel it is. And besides, writing a letter more or less implies I WANT to listen to listen to sportscasters going on and on about players, strategies, strengths, weaknesses, blah, blah, blah. It really is a guy thing.

The only time I might tune in to watch a game of any sort (football, hockey, you name it) is for the final championship game or the playoffs leading up to it.

And it would have to be a game that pits either a Saskatchewan team, or a Western Canada team at least, against the East. Saskatchewan's Riders always screw in the dying minutes of the crucial game eliminating themselves from the Big Game, or, if they are in it, losing, so I had to switch allegiances and go to Calgary.

The only reason I was interested in this one was because it pitted Calgary against Toronto, When those two were in the game it is always war between Western Canada and Central Canada by other means.

And I was really hoping to see some horses running up and down the side of the field, just to annoy all the snot nosed types in Toronto.

There were a lot of Toronto noses out of joint last week when the traditional cowboy riding a horse into the lobby of a posh downtown Toronto hotel took place (which always happens when Calgary plays against Toronto in the Grey Cup). That's so parochial and rube-ish and unCanadian, you know.

But the Stampeders lost. :( So, twelve months from now, I will be interested again. They say the Grey Cup is even going to be in Regina, so I might actually look forward to it. And a miracle might happen. The Riders might actually be in it. But until next November, I couldn't care less.

As a consolation prize, though, Justin Bieber apparently was booed during his performance at half-time. The Grey Cup championship game attracted a lot of middle-aged Toronto men who I guess don't think to much of teenie-bopper idols. So I have to give Torontonians some credit.

November 26, 2012 4:07 pm  

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