Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Guardian Asks...

...the big question:

Stephen Hawking's big bang gaps
"In his new book, Stephen Hawking reiterates that there is no big gap in the scientific account of the big bang. The laws of physics can explain, he says, how a universe of space, time and matter could emerge spontaneously, without the need for God. And most cosmologists agree: we don't need a god-of-the-gaps to make the big bang go bang. It can happen as part of a natural process. A much tougher problem now looms, however. What is the source of those ingenious laws that enable a universe to pop into being from nothing? Traditionally, scientists have supposed that the laws of physics were simply imprinted on the universe at its birth, like a maker's mark. As to their origin, well, that was left unexplained."
"The multiverse comes with a lot of baggage, such as an overarching space and time to host all those bangs, a universe-generating mechanism to trigger them, physical fields to populate the universes with material stuff, and a selection of forces to make things happen. Cosmologists embrace these features by envisaging sweeping "meta-laws" that pervade the multiverse and spawn specific bylaws on a universe-by-universe basis. The meta-laws themselves remain unexplained – eternal, immutable transcendent entities that just happen to exist and must simply be accepted as given. In that respect the meta-laws have a similar status to an unexplained transcendent god."
"...there is no compelling need for a supernatural being or prime mover to start the universe off. But when it comes to the laws that explain the big bang, we are in murkier waters."
Although way over my head, I still find it fascinating. Every new advance in science raises new questions. We'll probably never run out of questions nor ever have all the answers. And that's rather humbling -- which is good.

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Blogger Captain.H said...

A Creation without a Creator makes no sense to me. There has to be a Prime Cause, "...In that respect the meta-laws have a similar status to an unexplained transcendent god." Mr. Hawking strikes me as engaging in intellectual semantic masturbation, a stale exercise.

October 31, 2012 1:23 am  
Blogger Louise said...

What? You expect "sense"???

October 31, 2012 6:42 am  

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