Friday, October 12, 2012

It Ain't Over Until It's...


Egypt's new government struggles amid Tahrir clashes
"A year and a half after Egyptians united, in Tahrir Square, to bring down Hosni Mubarak, they gathered again in Tahrir Square. But this time the rival political forces joined battle, supporters versus opponents of President Mohammed Mursi.

The wags in Egypt were saying that the Muslim Brotherhood staged a demonstration... against the Muslim Brotherhood.

The joke is telling. There's a sense that the Brotherhood are still acting like the opposition force they have been for many decades, not the government in power.

It's just over 100 days since President Mursi took office. Many Egyptians say he has done little, if anything to sort out Egypt's many problems."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Muslim world:

Ottawa probes report Canadian kidnapped in Afghanistan
"A Canadian man and an American woman, both civilians, have reportedly been abducted by gunmen in Afghanistan.

Citing anonymous sources, a media report from that country indicated the pair was kidnapped while travelling from eastern Ghazni province to the

Afghan government officials have not yet commented on the incident,..."
I scarcely know where to begin on this one. Could it be because a woman should not be traveling with a man?

In any case, according to the American blog, The Jawa Report, the Canadian media seem to be the only ones covering this story. Perhaps the American lamestream media does not want to report anything that will further damage their favourite president. Nah. That would never happen, would it? What's a dead American woman here and there? It's Bush's fault. No. Wait. It's Harper's fault.

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