Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do You Feel That Pulse?

The media, always with it's fingers on the pulse of the Canadian electorate, is all confused. It seems they've lost  their pulse:

The Shiny Pony to enter horserace
"With NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair comparing the oilsands to tar ponds and Justin Trudeau ready to take the Liberals back to the '60s, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should be good until, oh, 2023.

A stretch, perhaps. But not by much.

According to media reports, the son of Liberal god Pierre Trudeau will officially announce his leadership bid next Tuesday at a rally in his home riding of Papineau.

We may run out of bated breath.

Outside the Commons Wednesday, the son of Canada's most over-rated and historically-revised PM, the Shiny Pony, as Sun News Network refers to him mockingly, had his media fan club giggling like groupies at a Justin Bieber concert."

With Justin Trudeau as their leader, Liberals would easily win federal election: exclusive poll
"In an exclusive poll conducted for the National Post, Forum found if Mr. Trudeau were leader of the Liberal Party and an election were held today, the Grits would win, handily, with 39% of the popular vote.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would come in second, with 32% of the vote, and the NDP — today the Official Opposition and led by Thomas Mulcair — would return to third-party status, with just 20% of the vote.

“The real news here is that Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader has the effect of taking all the wind out of the NDP’s sails,” said Lorne Bozinoff, Forum Research’s president, of the 14% bump Mr. Trudeau would lend the Liberals."
I have two things to say: First is about polls: I wish pollsters would be required to reveal information about how they conduct their polls. What I'd like to see is a list of the questions asked and a profile of the people polled; Also a bit about how they conducted the poll. If it's online, then that is not randomly selected.

Second, I hope Trudeau the Younger actually does win the leadership race. I'd love to see the Liberal Party and the media take a nosedive and learn to backpeddle real fast. They both fawned all over Iggy, because he was a Harvard professor, but real people across this great land aren't so easily impressed. We're not particularly enamoured by dynasties, either, except the one in Britain.

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