Friday, June 29, 2012


The old boys club has their backs up again:

Saskatchewan MP says Indian Act 'major barrier' to First Nations success
"Clarke has a private member's bill before Parliament to amend the Indian Act and provide for its replacement.

He outlined his proposal to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations this week and came under immediate criticism.

The federation says chiefs haven't been consulted and have — quote — "grave concerns" about Clarke's bill."
Stock in trade 'group-speak' reaction. "We haven't been consulted" while the consultation is taking place right in front of their eyes.
"'In my aboriginal affairs committee work since 2008, I have heard over and over again from First Nations leaders, grassroots band members and non-aboriginal Canadians that the Indian Act has to go,' he said Thursday in a release out of Ottawa."
"Federation vice-chief Morley Watson said Wednesday the Conservative government is behind Bill C-428 and has sent a First Nations MP to front its agenda."
Attempts to change the status quo, which will require a major overhaul of the Indian Act or it's replacement entirely, have been made since the early 1970s. And every freaking time, they are met with this reaction from the tax payer funded Indian organizations, especially the FSI or FSIN as it's known now.

The status quo, and the Indian Act, is just fine, because it provides the basis upon which the FSIN can whine and bitch and point a finger of blame, while the Chiefs line their pockets. Why, any attempt to actually resolve the problems plaguing their communities could have the affect of kicking the soapbox right out from underneath their feet. Then what would they do?

And then there's the Industry. My God. It would dry up. Can't let that happen.

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