Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh My! My!

Nothing is certain but death, taxes - and change!

Do Canadians care if Quebec separates?
"According to two recent polls, almost half of Canadians outside the province of Quebec couldn't care less if La Belle Province separates from the rest of Canada."
"The National Post reports should Quebec separate, 57% of Canadians outside Quebec do not want to have any type of economic or political association with the newly independent country. This is a large change from 20 years ago when a poll showed 66% of Canadians in other provinces and territories wanted to keep some sort of association with an independent Quebec.

Quebec residents were also polled and as expected, the results were completely different. Separation from Canada is a big deal to 92% of Quebec residents. Of those in the province who have made up their minds about sovereignty, 62% would vote to remain in Canada while 38% favour separation. Twenty per cent of those polled have not made up their minds about whether Quebec should leave Canada."
Good bye Quebec. I'll bet you could make a lot of money extorting shipping of goods along the St. Lawrence - until we figure out there are two coasts (three actually) in this country and you'll only have control over access to one of them.

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