Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Further Thoughts on...

...the Liberal Party:

If you listen to the interview of Ray Heard, at about the 5:37 minute mark, Heard says something that is absolutely astounding.

Ray Heard is an old-time Liberal. He's been around for ages. Not only does he reveal the Liberal Party has been warring with itself for years, but he thinks that getting young people to vote by any means for any reason is a good thing!

What ever happened to evaluating a candidate's accomplishments and credentials? Is being Pierre Trudeau's son all that's necessary? Look at the comparative list of Trudeau senior's accomplishments and Baby Trudeau's accomplishments flashed onto the screen.

Shouldn't young voters be encouraged to look at things like accomplishments and credentials of the candidates?

Shouldn't young people, like older people, be encouraged look at the party's platform and vote according to which party best fulfills whatever it is that the voter wants to see done about issues that are most important to him or her?

Shouldn't we all do that?

Is a second wave of Trudeaumania all that is necessary to bring young folks to the voting booth? What about more substantive issues?

If this is what passes in the Liberal Party for political awareness and participation in the political process, no wonder the Liberals are down for the count. Celebrity worship is a poor substitute.

God help us.

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