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About That Idiot Julian Assange...

UPDATED AND BUMPED:  It doesn't get any better than this:

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: Thanks for nothing
"Last week, after a Supreme Court ruled extradition was legal and proper, Assange slipped into the embassy in London and claimed asylum.

You have to hope he knows what he is doing. Ecuador exports five million tons of bananas a year, and gave the world the Panama hat, but a darkness dwells at its moist and spicy heart in the form of tinpot president Rafael Correa. Irony doesn’t quite capture the mordant weirdness of Assange seeking sanctuary in a country where the suppression of information is a flagship government policy.

Here’s a recent bulletin from the Organisation of American States: “Correa regularly uses an emergency provision in the country’s broadcast law to commandeer the country’s airwaves and denounce journalists as ‘ignorant’ and ‘liars’.” But his tactics go beyond theatrics. Correa has filed multiple defamation suits against journalists and is creating a legal framework to restrict press freedom. Three executives and the former op-ed editor of the leading newspaper, El Universo, have been hit with a $40 million libel judgment and could soon be jailed.

Now, what was Julian saying before this unpleasantness began? “We [WikiLeaks] are free press activists. It’s about giving people the information they need. That is the raw ingredient that is needed to make a just and civil society. Without that you are just sailing in the dark. I have tried to invent a system that solves the problem of censorship across the whole world.”"
"It isn’t as though Assange was ever the brave moral warrior the liberal establishment made him out to be.

In their book WikiLeaks, David Leigh and Luke Harding of The Guardian, the newspaper that first championed Assange, describe the staff’s revulsion at his behaviour. Over lunch at a London restaurant, one reporter asked if he wasn’t worried that Afghan civilians who had co-operated with the coalition forces could be exposed to danger by WikiLeaks’ revelations, Assange replied: “So, if they get killed they’ve got it coming to them. They deserve it.” A silence fell over the table.

The New York Times, another early WikiLeaks glorifier, suffered a similar disillusionment, reporting that several of Assange’s closest associates had abandoned him, exhausted by his “erratic and imperious behaviour, and nearly delusional grandeur”."
"“Let us stop promoting this image of poor, courageous journalists, a saintly media trying to tell the truth, and tyrants and autocrats trying to stop them,” said President Correa in an interview last month. Assange, who was asking the questions, nodded obligingly. “I completely agree with your view on the media,” he beamed. How well they will get along together."
Fine hero you got there, Saskboy.

But am I surprised? Assange reminds me a lot of Luka Magnotta. Or is it the other way around? There's something about the coldhearted narcissist that makes them all alike.
==========ORIGINAL STARTS HERE========== don't suppose he has an inkling that he's not that important, do you?

Assange: Ecuador's UK ambassador set for talks in Quito
"The Ecuadorean government has so far made no comment on whether they will agree to Assange's request, which would see him avoid potential deportation to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assaults against two women."
Relations between countries may be just a wee bit more important than you, dingbat, especially when one of those countries is the USA. If I was the Ecuadorian ambassador to the UK, I too would be seeking advice from the home country. Giving asylum to this asshole would piss off some very powerful interests which have a wee bit more weight that you do, fool. Sweden ain't the only country that would like to see you face justice. Given enough rope, naive idiots usually get around to hanging themselves. Assange may just have tightened the knot.

PS: I just realized that in my list of labels, Assange is right next to assholes. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

I looked him up in the dictionary. The alpha sequence is abject . Assange . asshole.

I know we've talked about this but back in the day, WW2, either the US OSS or the Brit SIS would have eliminated this enemy POS Assange at the beginning of this sorry mess. Bradley Manning would have already been expeditiously tried by court-martial, convicted, condemned and executed. Any American or Brit "journalist" making supportive noises about these two would find himself arrested for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, or sedition, or some such.

June 26, 2012 11:33 pm  

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